Saturday, December 1, 2012


Yesterday, my grandmother asked me if I wanted to go with her to this local, holiday event called the “Sip-N-Shop” that would be held at the REMC Building in Wabash. I read a small article in the paper about it and it seemed like a fun way to spend some time with my grandmother. She told me that she wanted to go last year but she forgot about it so I knew how bad she wanted to go this year.
Free admission, 30+ shops to shop at, and all the hot chocolate and coffee you can drink. You had me at coffee, I’ll be there.

When I first walked in I was surrounded by local businesses, a ton of people, and a coffee/hot chocolate stand! The first thing that caught my eye that was literally to the right of me as soon as I entered the building, was a stand that had different dips and some.. some pumpkin pie cheeseball/cheesecake mix! Pumpkin. Pie. I instantly checked it out and looked at the ingredients. The mix, itself, is vegan. I was sold. I gladly handed the lady my money.

Today I made my vegan pumpkin spice “cheese”ball. I let the whole family try it. My family used graham crackers to dip with and I used Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips. It was so delicious. My family also enjoyed it. (Family ratings; Grandfather: 10. Grandmother: 8. Uncle Rhett: 8.) I agree with my grandfather. It’s an easy ten.

Then I started exploring. First thing I grabbed on the go was my coffee. I needed a pick me up, that’s for sure. I made my way through and found myself at a Hempz Lotion stand. Deep down I wanted to look at everything before really going crazy. So I just checked it out and filled out a form for a chance to win some free products. Matter of fact.. I entered to win free products at a few different stands that interested me. Hempz Lotion, Avon, Pampered Chef(they had a snow-man rubber spatula in the goodie box. I want it.), Beauti Control and Scentsy. If I win something I’ll let you guys know.

Right next to the lotion stand was.. Avon. I love Avon. I have a eye shadow kit from them that I adore. I looked at perfume, lotion, makeup and jewelery before I decided on getting a hand lotion and lip balm for only $1 each. Not bad at all. I was in need of some more lip balm pronto, since I had just used up the last I had this morning. Look how adorable they are.

As I was browsing through the other stands that had handmade scarfs, bags, jewelry, stain-less steel glass, rugs, bakery goodies, tastefully simple(a grandmother favorite) and ornaments. I spotted one that really interested me. A huge ornament made from a light bulb! I’m a collector of ornaments. Especially unique, bizarre, and sometimes just plain ol’ cute ones. This one was definitely unique, adorable and only $8. I bought it. It was hard to decide on which one I wanted. I was between a gingerbread man, or the snowman. As you can see.. I chose the snowman. Hopefully he isn’t to big for the tree.

Then I spotted something else that I already knew I was going to have to purchase. A “Beauti Control” stand! The lady was so nice and gave me a free hand scrub to try it out for myself. They had 3 scents to choose from: Mint(ew), Brown Sugar N’ Spice(decent) and Margarita. Truth be told I chose the Margarita one and fell in love. My hands have never felt more soft in my whole entire life. It felt amazing getting my scrub down and as soon as I rinsed off with warm water.. my hands instantly felt softer, and lighter. I needed this product. I got the scrub that came with some hand lotion to use after I get my scrub on at home. A well spent $25 dollars in my opinion. I made sure I got the lady’s card so I can purchase more when I run out. You guys should definitely check out this brand and think about purchasing some for yourself. It’s literally the best thing ever.

That’s all I purchased. Though I am thinking of ordering a kitchen scale from a lady that was there at the “Pampered Chef” stand. I need one really bad. I have the lady’s information to order one once I make up my mind if I’m willing to spend 35$ dollars on one or not. We’ll see.

I did also grab a booklet for Scentsy. I’m thinking of possibly purchasing one. If I win the Scentsy bar.. I definitely will have to. The booklet has loads of unique, amazing styled lights that you just simply plug in, break off a piece or two of a scented bar, and let the magic happen. The lady gave me a free sample of a bar and the smell is unbelievable. Cherry Vanilla, people. How can that not smell good?

Before even going to the Sip-n-Shop.. my order for my nose ring finally came in! This lovely lady named Angela.. has an online shop on Etsy, that’s called AngelflieDesign. She makes homemade earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and nose rings. Since I lost my precious nose ring a few weeks ago while I was with Thomas I’ve been looking for a sliver nose ring with no luck until I found her online shop. The reason I’m even bringing this up is because I was having a very bad imagine day and just wasn’t a happy camper at all. When I received my package I noticed on the bottom part of the package she wrote.. “You are beautiful.” Something that simple, and thoughtful really made my day and upped my spirits.

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