Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elf4Health: Dec 10th-15th.

My first week of being apart of Elf4Health was a success!(It's actually the official third week, but as  you guys know I skipped out on the first two weeks.)

Monday, December 10th.
"Track your water intake today. Try to drink your body weight in oz of water!”

I definitely succeeded in drinking my body weight in water. I got in 160 fl. oz of water, way past my body weight. (I weigh 105, still.) Which is qualitative to 5 refills of this bad boy. Check out that water bottle swag! I don't do it any other way.

Tuesday, December 11th.
“Clean our your fridge today & pantry today! Get rid of expired and unhealthy things!”

This challenge was very tricky. Currently I’m living with my grandparents who have different eating habits than I do. For example: I’m a vegan. They are meat and cheese loving folk. So cleaning out the unhealthy stuff was close to an impossible task to do so that part of the challenge I couldn’t completely follow through with because my grandmother was is very opposed to throwing out edible food. Healthy or not. Since I wasn’t able to get rid of 70% of the food, I decided to just clean out the unorganized, horrendous looking fridge. I through out a ton of expired things that went bad close to two years ago! As well as other sketchy, moldy, gag worthy items. It’s was vile, but I did! I was going to take a before/after picture but I forgot that I had an app on my phone that could do so. (Good to know now) So I just took a picture of the after fridge. Trust me, that’s a huge improvement.

(Just for the record: That IS the family fridge. So the majority of items are not mine. Some of mine are at the bottom right hand corner. (Spring Water, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Soy free Vegan Butter, 3 Raw Bottled Juices, Organic Vanilla Soy Yogurt, Organic Black berries, Organic Gala Apples, Organic Cauliflower, Jalapeno Hummus, and Organic Firm Tofu. Tis' mine.)

Wednesday, December 12th.
“No need to save all your veggies for dinner. Work them in at breakfast and lunch too! Eat 3 servings of vegetables by 2pm.”

Another tricky challenge. But hey, they are not called “challenges” for nothing. The only reason this was tricky is because I’m never hungry in the mornings so I skip breakfast 99% of the time. Literally. It’s very rare if I feel hungry enough to eat breakfast. This morning was no exception, but I made myself eat so I could accomplish this challenge. I made a Tofu Scramble with loads of vegetables + avocado. (My favorite!) For lunch a Tofurky Wrap with vegetables + hummus. So I definitely got in my 3 servings of vegetables before 2pm.

Thursday, December 13th.
“Buy coffee for the person behind you in line this morning. Not a coffee drinker? Treat a coworker to lunch or snack!”

Since I brew my own coffee at home to drink and there’s no Starbucks in this little town. I couldn’t just go and buy some stranger a coffee. So I had to think of something else. I was going to bring in coffee for someone at Bowen but then I remembered that I’m the only coffee drinker that attends in the morning. Strange ay? So I looked to the other challenge option. “Treat a coworker to lunch or snack!” I don’t work with anyone, but I do attend Bowen with a couple “friends.” One of them wasn’t at Bowen so I gave the other “friend” money so he could get himself a package of pop tarts because he was having a rough morning and I felt bad. His off and on again girlfriend of 4 years officially called it quits for good. Yes, I know. Pop tarts are the opposite of healthy, but that’s what he always gets and Bowen doesn’t offer any healthy snack options. So, I guess, it works. I don’t have a picture because I forgot my phone like an idiot. Hopefully, you guys don't have to be seers to be believers.

Friday, December 14th.
“Workout with a buddy! Grab a friend, your spouse or even your dog!”

Perfect way to get my exercise in for the day! I took my fur-baby Lillian on a walk. Yes, my dog, sleeps like a human. It's adorable and I couldn't resist showing you guys.

Saturday, December 15th.
“Donate to a holiday charity in your area. Look for food drives, toy drives, angel trees, etc.”

I told my grandmother about this challenge. She was already going to donate so I helped her shop around for the food drive that her church does around this time of year. I also chose to donate that granola that my foodie gave me that I couldn't eat. I had no other options since my family members aren't granola eaters. Yes, I know. They are weirdos. Who doesn't like granola? I mean.. common. At least it went to a good cause!

So, that's week one. Stay tuned, next Sunday, for week two!

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