Meet The Vegan!

Looks can definitely be decieving, am I right? I'm probably not what you expected your average vegan to look like. You also probably wouldn't have suspected  that I'm real big into healthy/organic/all natural living ethier from first glance.  Never judge a book or in this case face, by its cover.  I may appear to have a hard surface but inside I'm a very passionate, loving, and artistic individual.

My name is Sydney and I currently reside in Indiana until next spring when I go back off to California to start cosmotology college at the Sassoon Academy for Cosmotology in Santa Moncia, CA. At an early age I've always loved animals. I remember going to the local fair with my grandfather as a child and going stall to stall looking at all the different animals. Totally fasincated by each and every one. They were like friends to me. I'd talk to them, pet them, without knowing just yet what was going to happen to them. The day I found out how meat was made, totally destroyed me. I found out at a very young age and I just couldn't grasp how people would willing kill animals, especially as voliently without any remorse toward the animal as they did. At age 13, I took a stand and became a vegetarian for 5 years until becoming a vegan just recently at the age of 17. Becoming a vegan is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only do I feel better physically, I feel better emotionally as well. It's also opened the door for me to try new varieties of food I would have never thought of to try before.

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