Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Foodie Penpals: Spatulas on Parade

It's a very special day today. Not only is it my favorite holiday, Halloween! (Happy Halloween everyone!) But it's also Foodie Pen pal Reveal Day!

  I was matched to send a package to another newbie, Candice Coffey, who is non-blogger. It’s funny, in this swap I always send to non-bloggers. Not that I mind, it’s just ironic to me. Candice even sent me a guest post! Finally, I get my a guest post! Woo! Anyway, I’ll now bring your attention to her.

Not only did Candice give me that guest post, she also mailed me a beautiful thank you card. Thanks Candice! I'm glad you liked everything!

I received my package from Dawn Bedingfield @ Spatulas on Parade from North Carolina! She actually started her blog due to people requesting her to start one up and/or suggesting her to write her own book on her recipes. If that doesn’t tell you she is a master in the kitchen I don’t know what will convince you other than to go check out her blog. She has loads of interesting recipes that I’m sure any of you would love to try out. I’m pleased she started up her blog because if not I probably wouldn’t have gotten to “meet” this lovely woman. She actually hosts a Foodie Friends Friday link party also which I think is cool! So while your scanning through her blog, I’d recommend you to check out her link to that and if interested become a part of it. Dawn and the other hosts of the Foodie Friends Friday have also just recently made their own online magazine! Impressive right? Click here to view it. (Wow, I sound like one of those people on those infomercials who try to get you to buy inexpensive items that don't even work.)

Before I go onto my goodies Dawn sent me I have to address this lovely letter she wrote me. I always read the note/letter/card that my foodies give me first. I just feel it’s the polite thing to do. Anyway, as I was reading it she really gave me some caring, encouraging words that had to with the “Mr. Thunder Thighs” incident that happened a few weeks ago. I really appreciated it a lot. The letter, in itself, made my day. I also enjoyed the cute pumpkin drawing she drew. Now let’s check out the goods!

I wish I could talk about each and every one of these items, but I don’t want this post to be a mile long(though it still may be because I like to talk a lot on reveal day) so I’m going to just high light a few.

Vegetarian/Vegan Sloppy Joe Mix: When I saw this I laughed because I was craving vegan styled sloppy joe’s earlier on in the week. Then ironically enough a few days later I get this. Dawn advised me that if I wasn’t a big bread eater that I could put this over rice, quinoa, pasta, or couscous..but I went the traditional sloppy joe way..on a whole wheat bun with a few tator tots. It was just one of those days.

Nature’s Path* Organic Trail mix Pumpkin Spice Chewy Granola Bars: Pumpkin Seeds+Flax+Oats=Mmm. Says so on the box and I agree. As soon as I got these I ate one everyday as a snack until they ran out.

Alternative Baking Company* Gluten-free Pumpkin Delight Cookie: Oh my dknfksdnfdks! This is literally the best cookie I have ever had since I’ve become a vegan. I ate the whole thing in seconds. I regret nothing and plan to look for more of these cookies at my health food store. I even used the “Hot Tip” on the back of the package and warmed up the cookie for 15 seconds. Nom!

Another great month for me! Thank you so much Dawn! You put together a great package filled with things I've never tried before. Unfortunately the Kind Bars have milk powder in them. Sad face. So I can't enjoy those but no worries I'll find them a home.

FPP post October Foodie Penpals Reveal Day

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  1. Love it, what a treasure box of vegan goodies! :)