Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This post has nothing to do with food or veganism.

I'm sitting here, alone, in a church that grandmother attends.. waiting for 7:45am to hit so I can then pursue to walk up to Bowen which is only about 2-3 blocks or so away. My grandmother has an eye appointment in Fort Wayne, and since I'm car-less and only have my permit at the moment. I'm pretty much stuck with either having to do what I'm doing now or have my grandmother ask my aunt Cheryl if she could take me to Bowen. My aunt lives way out in the country on the other side of town so I'm obviously not going to have her use up her gas(especially since gas prices are outrageous) just to take me to Bowen when I could easily just wait at this church for 2 1/2 hours and walk up myself. Besides, I'm technically an adult now. (My birthday was on the 9th.) So I feel that the adult thing to do would just be independent and do it myself. The only thing that I'm really not looking forward to is having to walk in this freezing weather. I'm from California, so Indiana's fall weather and I don't get along. I can only imagine what winter will bring. Let me just tell you, I'm NOT looking forward to it. Cold weather + me = no beuno.


You know when your alone, noises seem much scarier than what they really are? Especially loud ones. Like a banging noise that in all reality is just the heater, but in your imagination its a guy in a leather mask in the basement trying to get you to come down to check it out? Because you know.. in those scary movies the people are stupid enough TO check it out instead of doing what I'm doing which is ignoring it to the best of my abilities.
(I imagine, though, he'd look like this guy.)


The wind is rattling the door but your mind plays tricks on you and makes you want to believe that you truly aren't really alone.

Okay, I need to quit before I start to think too much about it. Though it's not helping that the elevator keeps opening and closing..

Just 15 more minutes, then I can leave. I will survive!

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