Monday, November 19, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend: Cousin of Chaos.

Cousin of chaos may seem a little harsh. Unfortunately, it’s far from an exaggeration. My cousin, Emma, is a little hell raiser. Somebody who asks you non-stop questions just to get “dirt” on you so she can then tell what you said to others and twist your words around to make what you said seem like you said something far from what you had originally said. In the past, I had not known this. My cousin had asked me a question regarding sex and drugs. I answered her question, she twisted my words, which caused some of my family members to believe that I was a sex-crazed, drug addicted, 13 year old girl back in the day. I’ve received apologizes since then when Emma had confessed that she was only “joking” but let me just say, she wasn’t “joking”. When you joke with someone it should be funny, not hurtful. Unless your joking in a way that the person who your “joking with” knows it’s all in good fun. What she had said was a flat out lie. Not a joke. A lie I honestly have never gotten over because even though my relatives have apologized. I still have an uneasy feeling around them and I feel insanely uncomfortable. It also doesn’t help that I’m different from most of my relatives. I have my own identity, views, and beliefs. My family.. is pretty normal and old-fashioned. (Aside from my mother. My mother and I are basically the black sheep of the family. We’re tolerated but that’s really it. We’re happy to be the different the ones.) I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be 100% comfortable around my relatives other than my grandparents, mother, and uncle Rhett again, just because my cousin wanted to have a little fun which turned ugly. I’ve never forgotten it and I’ve learned to answer her questions in a way that she can’t turn my own words against me.
I’m one to forgive, though. Even if I can’t forget. So after her coming over a few times since I’ve been back and rekindling lost time, she has been asking me unstop if she can spend a weekend with me. I’ve turned her down each time just for the simple fact I know how she is and I know how obnoxious she can be. But I decided to let her come just so she would stop asking and since Thomas is sick, I figured let’s just get this over with. I have nothing better to do. One weekend. I can do this. (maybe)


  1. I asked Emma if she wanted anything special from the grocery store since she would be staying a couple nights with me. That’s everything she wanted. Obviously, Emma and I, have totally different eating habits/diet.
  2. When I drove over to Kokomo to pick her up, she gave me my belated birthday presents. (A ton of tea(seriously, look at it all.), a water balloon yo-yo, this knitted bracelet, and $10.)
  3. I have a lot of clothes that I no longer wear or have never worn plus a few random items that I’m in need of selling. So I had Emma look through to see if she wanted to buy anything. I sold her those two shirts, and an Avril Lavigne CD for $30 dollars. Not bad.
  4. As soon as we walked through the door, Emma went straight to the freezer and pulled out a Magnum. Her face says.. “Touch my Magnum and I kill you.” (Achmed styled voice.)
  5. After eating her desert before her dinner. She insisted she was hungry. I told her to look through the food I bought for her. Her choice: Bagel Bites. The whole box. I’m not kidding.
  6. Emma showed me this app on her Ipod that’s called Fail Funny Pics. As she was browsing through enormous pictures I saw this one and laughed. Sexy Santa, I love it.
  7. As the day was turning to night. Emma insisted we go walking in 30 degree weather. Joy. As we were walking around I saw one house that was already ready for Christmas time. I don’t understand people who put up Christmas decorations when Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I also don’t understand why “pumpkin spice” seasonal items are only for the month of October. In my opinion “pumpkin spice” should be here for Oct-Nov. Then bring in the peppermint/egg nog seasonal items in Dec. To me, that makes more sense.
  8. Emma decided she wanted to “make me prettier than I already am”. (Her words not mine.) So she put a bow in my hair.
  9. The rest of the night consisted of Emma and I watching American Dad, 1000 Ways to Die, and Ben and Kate.. until we both passed out.

  1. I woke up at/around 9 in the morning. I tried to get up quietly so I wouldn’t wake up Emma, so I could have a few minutes to myself while drinking my coffee. My fur-daughter, Lilly, had other plans and woke Emma for me. Then went back to bed after her mission was accomplished.
  2. I never eat in the morning. It takes a few hours after waking up for me to feel hungry. My cousin, though, is a breakfast eater. Whole wheat sandwich with Nutella inside and on top. Breakfast of champions in her book. A few minutes later.. bring on the strawberry banana sherbet.
  3. Since Emma is a constant go-go child. My grandfather and I took her to the Salamonie Dam. I haven’t been since I was child so it was cool to relive a childhood memory of mine. We swang on the swings, hiked around the forest, and even rolled down that huge hill which left me with scratches up and down my sides and stomach. Emma insisted we come back in winter and sled down that huge hill.. when clearly there was a sign advising not to. That’s Emma for you, though I can’t say I wouldn’t do it. There was signs in the woods telling people with horses to not ride them down by the dam which they clearly didn’t follow. We had to hike around a ton of horse-caused muddy tracks and horse.. “leavings”. If you know what I mean. 
Sunday wasn’t anything special. I wasn’t feeling well, so I opted to stay home while my grandparents took Emma to Fort Wayne so she could spend her money at the mall. If only I could blow money like she does. I haven’t bought myself anything new in months just because I’ve been saving all the money I get strictly for tattoo college. It’s funny.. when I was a kid all I wanted was to grow up. Now that I’m an adult I wish I could have my childhood back. I want to be the carefree little girl I once was. Instead of this stressed-out adult concerned about paying for college and finding a job. Growing up isn’t fun. These 18 years have gone by so fast.

All in all, the weekend wasn't terrible. Definitely not as bad as I was expecting but still a bit of an annoyance when you have someone on your butt 24/7. Who constantly is wanting to do things that involve knocking on other people's doors, then taking off running. I wanted nothing to do with that. I'm not a ding-dong ditch type of person. My cousin, like I said, is a hell-raiser who likes to stir up trouble. I let her have her fun.. but I kept a distance. A very far away distance.

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